Lavender Sugar Cubes, Champagne Toasts, Tea

Lavender Sugar Cubes, Champagne Toasts, Tea

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Organic lavender flowers are infused into pure cane sugar giving it a sweet lavender taste and aroma with a slightly spicy flavor. My lavender sugar cubes are perfect for iced and hot tea, coffee, lemonade, fruits and berries, champagne toasts and sparkling wine!

Please note that there are bits of dried lavender in the sugar and that the color has a gray cast.

These flavored sugar cubes are hand formed and lightly colored in small batches and come in a cellophane bag tied with beautiful ribbon, just waiting for a good tea party! They are about 1/2" square and about 1/4 teaspoon of sugar. There are approximately 65-70 sugar cubes per 6 ounce bag.

Please note that there may be some natural variation in the color and shape- it may be lighter at the bottom than the top of the cube. This is a totally handmade item, and the natural variations reflect the wonderful characteristics of truly handmade!