Help! What kind of coffee grind do I use?

It's important to know your machine and the right kind of grind for it, or else a perfecting good bean can come out tasting weak or too bitter or even --*gasp*--gritty. 

Javabean offers 5 coffee grinds but if you've got a precision grinder you might have the option for more. 

Coarse is the largest grind size that we have. A course grind usually has distinct pieces of chunky coffee beans. Similar to course Kosher salt. 

The coffee machines best used with this grind include plunger pots, french presses, percolators, and vacuum coffee pots. You'll also want to stick with a course grind for cold brews. That's because grinding any finer can risk over heating the coffee beans, and all you really need for a good cold brew is time. 

Medium-Coarse is in between coarse and the standard grind that you see in ground coffee at grocery stores. A medium-medium coffee grind has a gritty texture with visible flakes similar to sand. 

The coffee machines best suited for a medium grind include flat-bottom filter drip coffee makers such as BUNN or Bloomfield drip machines. You can even use this for pour-overs.

Standard (or medium) is what you typically see when you buy ground coffee from the grocery store. The pieces are small like a table salt.

This grind is best used for pour-over cones and drip coffee machines. 

Fine is one step above the "Standard" grind. It has a smooth texture slightly finer than table salt. 

It's an excellent grind for cone-shaped filter drip coffee makers, pour over cones, vacuum pots, siphon brewers and espresso moka pots such as those made by Bialetti. 

Espresso (extra fine grind) is the smallest grind we offer. This grind has very fine, barely detectable granules that mimic a fine granular sugar. 

You'll want an extra fine grind for espresso brews especially if you are using a pump or steam espresso machine like the kind you often see in coffee houses.